My Forever Valentine

Since Valentine's day was during the week we didn't have anything particularly special planned this year, but that didn't mean that we wouldn't celebrate! Growing up my mom always made colored pancakes for every holiday and decorated the kitchen - it's traditions like these that motivate me to keep them alive because of the fond memories they bring me from my childhood. In our house it would be no different! I woke up early to make pink heart-shaped pancakes that would be eaten under pink and red balloons hanging from our dining room pendant light.

While we were eating breakfast I asked Michael what we should do for dinner...he quickly responded, "I've got it taken care of". Well ok then! Later that night I was starting to get hungry and Michael still wasn't home and all I wanted was pad thai! I was so close to calling Michael and telling him not to bother with making dinner (or whatever he was planning to do) and just pick up some take out from our favorite Thai restaurant, but I figured I should let him carry out his plan. When he finally got home he told me to wait in our room until everything was ready - 5 minutes later he knocked on the door and told me to come out. What I saw next was the most beautiful sight...PAD THAI. How he knew that's all I wanted, I have no clue, but that right there people is loveeee.