The Rommel Family

My husband and I are from the same little beach town in Southern California (our parents live down the street from each other - nice, right?!) so going home for the holidays is always a no brainer. This Christmas I was really looking forward to being able to shoot at the beach where I grew up. There's just something about that light and those California sunsets that just doesn't compare to anywhere else. 

The Rommel's and I go waaay back. Let see if you can best friends sister and Michael's best friends brother are married and he's also a pilot in the Air Force. We all went to the same high school and I was at their wedding many moons ago, so it's been so amazing to watch their relationship grow into this precious little family of three! Since they live in Missouri this was Liam's first time at the beach. A California Christmas means 75 degree sunny days and (semi, let's be real) warm salt water, so it was so cute to see his little toes touch the sand and take a dip in the Pacific for the first time.

Enjoy a few of my favorites!