The Olsen Family

The Olsen's arrived in Germany a few weeks before we did, so they were one of the first families that we met upon our arrival - I still have vivid memories of our first meal at Truck Stop. They lived in a home that was smack dab in the center of Wittlich, so it seemed fitting to document their final days in Germany in that exact spot!

The Murphy Family

This family holds such a special place in my heart. After less than a year of us being in Germany, "Papa" took command of the squadron right before our boys deployed for 6 months. His wife, Cortney (while pregnant with her 5th child), was there for all of us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. With a literal heart of gold and a unbreakable positive attitude you could approach her about anything at anytime and that saved me during those long 6 months without my husband. When the deployment came to an end I was able to snap some "Homecoming" photos and some of my favorites were those of Papa meeting his newest baby boy (I could cry just thinking back to that moment). Since then I have been waiting for the day that I could document their family and freeze this moment in time for them before they head off to my home state of CA!

The Koenig Family // Baby Announcement

Bryan and Christi are some of the most genuine people around and we were fortunate enough to have our paths cross while in Germany. I was beyond ecstatic when they asked me to help them with their baby announcement - they are seriously going to be THE best parents. When Christi told me that she had mylar balloons to spell out B-A-B-Y I knew that it would be somewhat of a challenge (mainly because of the wind), but they were so patient with me and it was well worth the wait for those balloons to sync up perfectly! Baby Koenig is scheduled to make his appearance this December.

The Pfledderer Family

The world is a small place, but the Air Force makes the world that much smaller! Laura and Kent both work at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, but during their session we discovered that they got married in San Clemente (my husband's and my hometown) at the same venue where my husband's parents were married. Even when you feel miles away from home there are always small reminders of it that pop up when you least expect it! 

The Cochran Family

Our friends, the Cochran's, were expecting their second child (gender unknown at the time, which was killing all of us slowly) during this scenic German family session. Since this shoot they've welcomed a beautiful baby GIRL, Sutton Margaret! She was born shortly after we moved from Germany and it's torture not being able to hold that sweet baby. 

This family was nothing short of amazing during our move - without questions they took Rowen for the day AND made us dinner when our things were being packed up and shipped to Korea. It's moments like these, when you're far from your family, to realize what true friendship looks like. We miss them dearly, but this Air Force world is small and we hope to one day be stationed with them again in the near future!

The Bunten Sisters

The Bunten's live in an old German Catholic rectory that was converted into a beautiful home that sits directly behind a church. The second you pull up to their house you're immediately greeted by red and yellow tulips and two large magnolia trees in full bloom - it kinda leaves you breathless. These sisters are quite the duo (reminding me a little too much of my sister and I) and it was so fun to capture them playing in this picture perfect scenery on a warm spring afternoon.

The Watts Family // In-home Session

Jess and Casey's in-home family session is about as picture perfect as they come! The last time I worked with them was for their maternity session (here and featured on 100 Layer Cakelet here). It was such a treat to capture them as a family of three with little Miss Charlotte, who is coming up on a year (time slow down please) and is quite the expert walker.

The Kubacz Family

There's nothing like sunshine, a pink house, a swing set, and a house fully of giggly girls to kick off my first shoot of the spring. Can't you just hear the laughter that took place when you look at these?! It's always such a fun challenge to capture a family's dynamic, especially when it's at their home! Not only is this beautiful German estate pink, but it's complete with a fish pond and hedge maze (every child's dream, am I right?!). 

The Noyola Family // In-Home Newborn Session

A few weeks ago I captured Kaitie and Derrick as they anxiously awaited the birth of their son and last weekend I was able to document them as a family of three! Gavin Richard is the most precious little boy and holding a newborn again gave me allllll the feels people (HELLO baby fever). The only thing better than photographing new parents is photographing new grandparents!! Kaities parents and sisters were in town and seeing their faces light up over his little presence was nothing short of precious. Enjoy a few of my favorites from this in-home session!

The Noyola Family // Maternity Session

Kaitie and Derrick were so awesome to not only brave the cold temperatures, but snowy conditions! Regardless of the weather, I'm pretty convinced that nothing can shake that pregnancy glow, am I right?!? Derrick recently returned home from deployment just in time for them to become a family of three in a few short weeks. Stay tuned for their in-home newborn session!

The Rommel Family

My husband and I are from the same little beach town in Southern California (our parents live down the street from each other - nice, right?!) so going home for the holidays is always a no brainer. This Christmas I was really looking forward to being able to shoot at the beach where I grew up. There's just something about that light and those California sunsets that just doesn't compare to anywhere else. 

The Rommel's and I go waaay back. Let see if you can follow...my best friends sister and Michael's best friends brother are married and he's also a pilot in the Air Force. We all went to the same high school and I was at their wedding many moons ago, so it's been so amazing to watch their relationship grow into this precious little family of three! Since they live in Missouri this was Liam's first time at the beach. A California Christmas means 75 degree sunny days and (semi, let's be real) warm salt water, so it was so cute to see his little toes touch the sand and take a dip in the Pacific for the first time.

Enjoy a few of my favorites!