Fini Flights

Dallas' Fini Flight

The Horton family means so much to so many at this base, so I was honored when Heather asked me to document Colonel Horton's last flight in the f-16. We were able to walk him out to the jet before take off and when I asked what number flight this was he responded with "2,000 something"! Crazy!!! After he landed, he was greeted by the fire department who provided a water arch (that Heather got to initiate) and then the traditional hog tie, spray down (with a fire hose instead of fire extinguishers filled with water), and champagne shower!

Thank you, Horton family, for all that you've done for so many families here in Germany!

Phosfor's Fini Flight

Summer is now in full swing and that means two things, no A/C in Germany (holy hotness) and PSC season is upon us (aka fini flights galore!). Can you even handle the pinup goddess that is Kate Vella?! I didn't think so! Kate and I both share a love of good food and even better wine (when I'm not knocked up and can actually drink a glass or five), so needless to say, she will be missed. Enjoy a few of my favorites from this recent fini...

Block's Fini Flight

I talked about the tradition of "fini flights" in a fighter squadron a few posts back and as far as traditions go this one was no different... just add colder weather, rain, a mini flight suit, and a big-time champagne shower. This sweet family is headed to their next location in a few days and I know everyone will miss them dearly! 

Here are a few favorite's from Block's fini flight...

Nash-bo's Fini Flight

When a pilot is leaving one squadron and heading out to their next assignment it's customary on the their "final" flight (hence fini flight) to be greeted by friends, tackled by fellow pilots, bound by the hands and feet using duct tape...then if that wasn't enough already, hosed down with water and sprayed with champagne. Normally this is standard protocol for how this tradition goes down, but not when you're Nashville. With a prank up his sleeve plus a plan to break free and run off into the distance, I have to say that we wouldn't have expected anything less. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments from Nashville's fini flight...